Monday, 6 June 2016

Richard Huckle

Britain's worst paedophile who attacked hundreds of children in south-east Asia and used the 'dark web' to crowd-fund his abuse is facing 22 life sentences.

Richard Huckle, 30, targeted a poverty-stricken Christian community in Malaysia, where he posed as a photographer and English teacher to win the trust of his victims' parents.

The former grammar school boy, who came from a middle class family in Kent, took pictures and videos of himself raping and abusing young children and even a baby wearing a nappy.

Huckle bragged of the attacks in online blogs and penned a sick 60-page 'handbook' titled 'Pedophiles & Poverty: Child Lover Guide'.During his nine years of offending, he forced victims to pose with horrific slogans advertising his foul images, which he sold for Bitcoins on a notorious paedophile website on the dark web - the encrypted version of the internet.

As part of an international network, Huckle awarded himself 'PedoPoints' for carrying out the attacks and used a paedophile crowdfunding website to finance the abuse.

On the dark web, Huckle documented every step of his child abuse and hoped to make paedophilia a paying profession. He posted hundreds of images on one of the world's biggest child porn websites, which had more than 9,000 members before it was shut down.

He turned to online paedophiles to crowdfund the abuse, allowing those who paid him in Bitcoins access to videos of him raping his victims.

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