Monday, 13 June 2016

Omar Mateen

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen killed 50 people and wounded 53 others at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in June 2016.

The shooting, carried out with an AR-15 rifle and a handgun, was the deadliest in American history.

Mateen, 29, was a U.S. citizen of Afghan descent from Port St. Lucie, Florida. He had ties to radical Islamic ideology. He called 911 just before the shooting and pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He also mentioned the Tsarnaev brothers, who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing, during the call.

Mateen was a person of interest in law enforcement investigations in 2013 and 2014. The FBI opened an investigation into Mateen at some point, but closed it “when it produced nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation.”

The FBI interviewed him twice in 2013 after he made suspicious comments about radical Jihadism that were heard by coworkers. He was interviewed a third time, in 2014, based on his connection to Moner Mohammad Abu Salha, an American from Florida who trained in Syria, traveled back to his home state and tried to recruit other Americans, and then went back to Syria, where he blew himself up in a suicide bombing.

There were no open investigations and Mateen was not under surveillance at the time of the shooting.

Mateen died at the scene after he was shot by police at about 5 a.m.. He had barricaded himself in the nightclub after opening fire. Witnesses reported that some of their friends were hiding in dressing rooms and bathrooms, trying to stay safe.

ISIS issued a statement calling Mateen an “Islamic state fighter.”

Monday, 6 June 2016

Richard Huckle

Britain's worst paedophile who attacked hundreds of children in south-east Asia and used the 'dark web' to crowd-fund his abuse is facing 22 life sentences.

Richard Huckle, 30, targeted a poverty-stricken Christian community in Malaysia, where he posed as a photographer and English teacher to win the trust of his victims' parents.

The former grammar school boy, who came from a middle class family in Kent, took pictures and videos of himself raping and abusing young children and even a baby wearing a nappy.

Huckle bragged of the attacks in online blogs and penned a sick 60-page 'handbook' titled 'Pedophiles & Poverty: Child Lover Guide'.During his nine years of offending, he forced victims to pose with horrific slogans advertising his foul images, which he sold for Bitcoins on a notorious paedophile website on the dark web - the encrypted version of the internet.

As part of an international network, Huckle awarded himself 'PedoPoints' for carrying out the attacks and used a paedophile crowdfunding website to finance the abuse.

On the dark web, Huckle documented every step of his child abuse and hoped to make paedophilia a paying profession. He posted hundreds of images on one of the world's biggest child porn websites, which had more than 9,000 members before it was shut down.

He turned to online paedophiles to crowdfund the abuse, allowing those who paid him in Bitcoins access to videos of him raping his victims.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Rachel and Nyomi Fee

Nothing is more evil in this world than people who deliberately and systematically abuse young children and Rachel and Nyomi Fee, a lesbian couple from Glenrothes, have turned this evil in to an art form.

The couple were found guilty of assaulting and killing their son Liam at his home near Glenrothes on 22 March 2014.

They were also convicted of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by attempting to frame another young boy who was one of two other children present in the house when Liam died. Liam was found dead with heart injuries similar to those found on road crash victims after a severe blunt force trauma to his chest and abdomen.

Pathologists found more than 30 external injuries on the toddler's body and fractures to his upper arm and thigh.

They were also found guilty of abusing two other children, one of whom they tried to frame for Liam's death. The boy told interviewers Nyomi Fee would show she was angry by calling him “dirty boy” and that he had been tied to a locked home-made cage during the night, with his hands and feet would be bound with cable ties to the makeshift construction using a fireguard and bars.

The child also described how he would sometimes be naked in the cage and had his hands bound behind his back, while at other times he would be tied to a cot with a dressing-gown cord and coat belts. The boys were also loxked into a dark room where rats and snakes were kept.

Hopefully the ladies of G wing will exact their own justice on the couple when they are locked away...

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Friday, 26 February 2016

Rotherham brothers Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain were sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court after a series of women - most now in their 30s - told a jury how they were sexually, physically and emotionally abused in the South Yorkshire town when they were in their early teens.

Arshid, 40, and Basharat, 39, were found guilty of a range of offences along with their uncle, Qurban Ali, 53, and two women - Karen MacGregor, 58, and Shelley Davis, 40. The group targeted 15 vulnerable girls, one aged only 11, and forced them to perform horrific sex acts over a sixteen year period.

Arshid and Basharat Hussain were found guilty of dozens of attacks between them. Arshid, the ringleader, has been jailed for 35 years, while Basharat was given 25 years.

Bannaras Hussain admitted ten charges - including rape, indecent assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm - at the beginning of the trial. He was given a 19-year sentence.

The convictions of the Hussain brothers and their associates is the first successful prosecution of a grooming gang in Rotherham since the child sexual exploitation scandal engulfed the town 18 months ago.

Read the full horrific account [here]

Monday, 8 February 2016

Jaroslaw Jablonski

36 year old Jaroslaw Jablonski raped, beat and sexually abused a young woman in an 'horrific' ordeal which a judge described as 'one of the worst he has ever seen'. He 'humiliated' his victim over several hours after tying her hands with tape at a property last year.

A court heard the attack only ended when the woman hit him with a flower pot and was able to flee and flag down a passing motorist.

Jailing him for a total 14 years at Hull Crown Court, judge Paul Watson QC, told him: 'What happened was, in my judgement, not about sexual gratification - it was about humiliation, degradation and control. As well as raping her, you abused her in an horrific manner and forced her to commit humiliating and degrading acts upon you and herself. I have to say that in 40 years of criminal practice, I have rarely, if ever, encountered such a brutal and sustained and degrading attack upon a young woman.

'You pleaded guilty to the offence of assault, but in truth you had no option. Even in relation to that charge, I reject your account that you slapped her in the face - you clearly punched her repeatedly with full force, and you are, as you said yourself, a strong man. This was an horrific episode.'

Jablonski, who is originally from Poland but lived in Hull, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm but denied any sexual offences. He was unanimously convicted by a jury of two counts of rape, six other sexual offences, and making a threat to kill after a week-long trial at Hull Crown Court.