Friday, 25 April 2014

William James Vahey

William Vahey, 64, was a paedophile teacher who drugged and molested up to 60 boys as young as ten at a British private school after four decades spent abusing children around the globe. He plied them with sleeping pills before carrying out his sickening attacks during class trips abroad.

He spent 40 years abusing ‘hundreds’ of youngsters in nine countries. Vahey committed suicide at a motel in the US in March 2014 – just days after confessing. 

 He was cleared by a CRB check to work at a private London school even though he had a child sex conviction in California dating back to 1969. The father of two was highly respected in the private education community but unknown to teachers and parents, he had spent years hiding his conviction and did not sign the sex offenders register in the US. 

 FBI investigators described his sordid activities as ‘one of the most prolific and heinous suspected sexual predator cases we have ever seen’. 

 Vahey was only caught after a housekeeper at a school he moved to in Nicaragua stole a memory stick containing graphic images of 90 children who appeared to be asleep or unconscious while they were assaulted during field trips dating back to 2008. She was sacked, but months later went back to school administrators after viewing the USB stick and finding images of Vahey and sleeping nude teenage boys. 

 When confronted, he confessed to using sleeping pills to abuse boys throughout his life. Unremorseful, he said: ‘I was molested as a boy – that is why I do this. I have been doing this my whole life.’ Vahey insisted that he ‘never hurt’ any of the boys and that they did not even know what had happened to them because they were asleep.

Thankfully, the world is now rid of him and hopefully he is being further abused in a warmer place.