Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Jasvir Ram Ginday

A bank worker who married to conceal his homosexuality strangled his wife a few months later with a metal vacuum pipe.

Jasvir Ram Ginday throttled Varkha Rani and tried to destroy her remains in an incinerator after going through with the arranged marriage to please his parents. The bride moved to the UK to live with Ginday in August 2013 after being granted a visa, but just a month later, police discovered her unrecognisable remains in the back garden of the home they shared with other members of Ginday’s family. 

After killing his wife, Ginday had forced her body into a 22-inch deep metal incinerator in an alley beside their home. Ginday and his wife had been alone in the house at Walsall, West Midlands, on September 12, the day of the murder. That afternoon, neighbours saw smoke and likened the smell to that which comes from a crematorium. When one concerned resident knocked on Ginday’s door, he claimed he was simply burning rubbish. 

A woman police constable lifted the lid of the incinerator and found herself looking down on a human skull which was severely burnt. The skull was not complete and had only a few teeth, while the body was described as being ‘folded up and foetal-like’. 

An examination of computer equipment showed that somebody at the property had searched for incinerators online around four weeks before the murder and CCTV images also showed Ginday filling up a water bottle with petrol at a service station just hours before the body was discovered.

Ginday denies a charge of murder but has admitted manslaughter and a further charge of perverting the course of justice by lying to police. 

Nominated by: Old Bailey