Thursday, 13 February 2014

Joanna Dennehy

Joanna Dennehy murdered three men in Cambridgeshire and tried to kill two others in Herefordshire in 2013.

 Dennehy, of Orton Goldhay in Peterborough, has admitted murdering Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, Kevin Lee, 48, and John Chapman, 56, in March last year. The men's bodies were all found in ditches in Cambridgeshire in March and April.

 Dennehy was likened to "Uma Thurman from Kill Bill and the woman from the Terminator" by married father of two Mr Lee shortly before his death. Another victim, John Chapman, had dubbed her the "man woman" because of her intimidating nature.

At the height of a nationwide manhunt, she bragged to one witness that she had killed eight people - although no further murders have been detected. All the murder victims died of multiple stab injuries, including wounds to the heart.

 After committing the three murders, Dennehy drove to Hereford. Once there Dennehy, a diagnosed psychopath, randomly selected and repeatedly stabbed two dog walkers - Robin Bereza and Mr Rogers - in the street. Both survived despite suffering critical injuries.