Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ricky Roys, Andrew Brown and Helen Cooke

Ricky Roys, 20, Andrew Brown, 42, and Helen Cooke, 18, who subjected a vulnerable man to ‘sadistic’ levels of torture, similar to the horror series Resident Evil, have each been jailed for life for his murder. 

Derek Blake, 44, was found dead in a bath full of water in a flat in his hometown of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, on May 24. A pathologist found he had suffered 104 separate injuries and had been subjected to a ‘painful and humiliating’ ordeal involving the use of a boning knife and claw hammer. 

The attack included pouring boiling water over Mr Blake, inflicting cuts and burns all over his body and torturing him with a pool cue. The letter J had been carved into the side of his face. 

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Guy, who led the investigation, said: ‘The true motivation of why they attacked Derek in such a savage manner may never be known but the extent to which they tortured him was completely incomprehensible and inhuman.’ 

As they enjoy torture and suffering so much, it seems to me they deserve their places in the oven, Old Nick?

Nominated by : Old Bailey