Monday, 17 September 2012

Darren Jackson

Porn obsessed Darren Jackson brutally raped and murder his 67 year old next door neighbour, Irene Lawless at her bungalow in Carmarthernshire.

Jackson broke into Mrs Lawless’s bungalow in the early hours of the morning and attacked her while she slept.

He raped her twice then strangled her, leaving her naked body wedged between the bed and a wall. She was found with 20 fractures to her ribs.

Jackson stole his victim’s handbag and car keys planning to escape. After emptying the handbag he dumped it in a neighbour’s plant pot and drove Mrs Lawless’s black Audi A3 to Deal, kent where he has friends.

Police looked at his internet searches and discovered a keen interest in websites dealing with rape, mature women, forceful oral sex and sex with sleeping women.

The judge said 'These sickening rapes culminated in you strangling Mrs Lawless. The humiliation and mental and physical anguish you subjected her to are horrific. They are nothing short of evil depravity. Due to your warped and perverted mind, you may certainly well never be released and spend your remaining life in prison. Many will say that is no less than you deserve.'

Jackson was jailed for life for murder and 12 years for each of the rape attacks to run concurrently. The judge ordered ordered that Jackson must not be considered for parole for 28 years.

Let's hope the boys inside treat him appropriately and then you can have him to burn, Nick!

Nominated by : Dark Avenger