Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf

Events in Nigeria this week prompt us to make sure that Old Nick already has this piece of shit burnng in the ovens.

This is Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf, founder of the religious sect Boko Haram which this week murdered 150 people in co-ordinated bomb attacks in the city of Kono, Nigeria.

To quote Shrubmonkey : "If you don't know much about Boko Haram then pretty much all you need to know is that they are complete cunts. They are against anything "western" which includes democracy, wearing clothing, education and treating women with any kind of decency. Not only that, they are prepared to commit mass murder in order to foist their hateful so-called religious based horsepiss agenda upon Nigeria."

The official name of this hate group is "Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad", which in Arabic means "People of Sunnah towards call and jihad" which pretty much sums them up..

He had four wives, the maximum allowed under Islamic tradition, and 12 children. In a 2009 BBC interview, Yusuf stated that the belief that the world is a sphere is contrary to Islam and should be rejected, along with Darwinism and the theory that rain comes from water evaporated by the sun.

He was captured and interrogated by Nigerian police in 2009 and then conveniently shot whilst trying to escape - so well done to the Nigerian cops! Unfortunately, this weeks events showed that Islam loves nothing more than a good martyr.

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