Saturday, 29 January 2011

Terrence O'Keefe

41 years Terrence O'Keefe is a convicted rapist. Nothing remarkeable there you might think, but he actually managed to escape from the same 'secure' hospital TWICE, in 2005 and again in 2008!

On the last occasion, he managed to travel from London to Great Yarmouth, settle under the assumed name of James Daniels, claim benefits and even travel back and forth to Ireland. Bloody unbelievable!

Not content with this, he then went on to murder 73 year old pensioner David Kemp. In order to get money to fund his drug habit, O'Keefe strangled the widower with a belt and then stole his television.

This obviously runs in the family. O'Keefe's brother Raymond Kennedy is also serving life for killing a homeless man in Liverpool in 1991. He has escaped from custody THREE times.

We should burn this bastard and his brother before they let them get out again, and franky you can add in the people who are being paid to keep us safe from people like this!

Nominated by : Old Bailey

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Daniel Lishman

Daniel Lishman was described as "every parents' worst nightmare" - an ex copper who performed a series of sexual offences against children.

He used jobs as a mobile dog-groomer and a TV licensing officer to help him carry out at least eight offences and also posed as a policeman to indecently assault two young girls, and to make things worse he actually was a PC with Northamptonshire Police between 1995 and 2002.

The charges, included one of rape and 12 of sexual assault, related to a total of 13 victims, including three with disabilities or learning difficulties, as well as hundreds of indecent images of children. He was convicted at previous hearings of 26 counts and asked for four others to be considered.

The serial paedophile was arrested in April last year after attacking a 12-year-old girl while pretending to check on a boiler at an address in Southam, Warwickshire. On Monday he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tarrif of 11 years.

Northamptonshire Police confirmed that he was required to resign from the force in 2002 after a woman made sexual allegations against him. They have appealed for any other victims to come forward.

You can read a full account by clicking here. 

Nominated by : Sir Henry Morgan

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lord Taylor of Warwick

Number 3 in our regrettably ongoing series of bent politicians!

Lord Taylor of Warwick falsely claimed for travel and overnight subsistence, a jury at Southwark Crown Court decided by a majority of 11 to one. The jury took just over five hours to reach the verdict.

He was found guilty of making £11,277 worth of claims on various dates between March 2006 and October 2007. The first claim was for £1,555.70, the second for £2,042.80, the third was £1,600.70, the fourth £2,309.50, the fifth £2,421.80, and the final claim was for £1,347.30.

The claims related to his stating that his main residence was in Oxfordshire when in fact it was in London. The property in Oxford was where his half-nephew Robert Taylor lived with his partner Tristram Wyatt, who owned the house. Lord Taylor said throughout his trial that all he needed was a "family connection" to a property to call it a main residence on his claim forms. He never stayed there, and had no legal or financial interest in it.

 Lord Taylor maintained he was following the advice given to him by fellow peers, that nominating a main residence outside of the capital was a way to earn money "in lieu of salary".

So the greedy bastard's excuse was that he wasn't doing anything wrong because lots of others were doing the same thing. Odd that he wasn't able to work out that this was no excuse - especially as he is a trained barrister.

Taylor was the first parliamentarian to stand trial by jury, being the only one so far to not plead guilty because he hadn't got a leg to stand on !

Sentencing is awaited, but let's hope that he gets a term in prison for his pains, then you can burn the sod!

Nominated by : Dioclese 

Monday, 24 January 2011

Radovan Karadzic

For war crimes committed against Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats during the Siege of Sarajevo; For the Srebrenica genocide; For war crimes including genocide, against Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat civilians during the Bosnian War. Radovan Karadzic should never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Mad Mike

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tony Dyce

Last month, Tony Dyce, a sexual predator who committed a triple murder that went undetected for 28 years was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. Dyce believed he had escaped suspicion after killing Norma Richards, 27, and two of her young daughters at their home in Dalston, north-east London in July 1982.

He followed Norma home from a club knowing that her partner was away in Spain with his brother. Dyce raped her and stabbed her to death.

One or other of the young girls – Samantha, nine and Syretta, seven – is thought to have been woken by the noise. They were drowned and stabbed to prevent them from identifying the intruder.

( You can read the full story in the Grauniad by clicking here )

Nominated by : Old Bailey

Monday, 17 January 2011

Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali

This is the man responsible for bringing Tunisia to its knees,

Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali was the second president of Tunisia holding office from November 7, 1987, until he was forced to step down on January 14 this year. Your own common sense should tell you that anyone who holds presidential office in a country for over 23 years has to be just a little bit dodgy!

 He assumed the Presidency in a bloodless coup d'├ętat from then President Habib Bourguiba who was declared incompetent. Amazingly, Ben Ali was subsequently re-elected with enormous majorities at every subsequent election.

Several prominent human rights groups condemned his regime as authoritarian and undemocratic. Freedom of the press was strictly controlled. Despite slashing the poverty rate and presiding over a period of economic growth, he allowed unemployment to rise - especially amongst the young - and was increasing detatched from the concerns of the poor and small businesses. This lead to unrest over the six weeks before his downfall.

He does seem to have milked the system for everything he could. His second wife, Leila, has been dubbed the 'Imelda Marcos of the Arab World' for her excesses. She is reported to be very fond of opulent homes, flash cars and lots of money! Whilst he is hiding in Saudi, his younger ex-hairdresser wife is reported to be in Dubai - somewhere she is familiar with through many shopping trips!

Looters sick of the family's nepotism filmed themselves on mobile phones destroying the family's expensive cars at one of their villas and riding motorbikes across the manicured laws.

Their two daughters have fled to the Disneyland Hotel in Paris, where they are holed up in £300-a-night VIP suites. France, the former colonial power, is not amused and is looking to deport them having refused their father sanctuary. He is reported to have stashed away as much as £3.5 billion in French banks.

Hopefully, they will manage to repatriate some of it to the people he stole it from.

Nominated by : Ali Bongo

Friday, 14 January 2011

Commander Ali Dizaei

Nothing like a bent copper to get the blood boiling - and this is a very big bent copper indeed!

Commander Ali Dizaei, who had been the subject of dozens of corruption allegations during his time in the Met, is the most senior Scotland Yard officer to be jailed since the 1970s. He swaggered around Scotland Yard believing he was above the law.

He bullied, intimidated and threatened anyone who crossed his path. If that didn't work, the Iranian-born officer accused them of being racist.

In February last year he was jailed for four years for trying to frame an innocent man, thereby perverting the course of justice. Following a bust-up in a restaurant, Dizaei, 47, told colleagues that an Iraqi website designer had assaulted him. They found he attacked the man before arresting and attempting to frame him for assault.

He became known as the 'Teflon Commander' because nothing stuck to him! And if that doesn't make your blood boil, the bugger earnt £90,000 a year and is sitting on a £2,000,000 pension pot.

There is an excellent and extensively detailed article on this piece of shit in the Daily Mail, which you can read by clicking here.

Nominated by : Knacker of the Yard

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Eric Illsley MP

After the news about Chaytor, here's yet another thieving bastard MP who has decided to cop a plea to get get his sentence reduced in the realization that he hasn't got a leg to stand on!

At least this one has had the good grace to quit as an MP rather than wait to be thrown out - although I gather that the Milipede was applying pressure! Eric Illsley pleaded guilty on Tuesday admitting £14,000 of expenses frauds . Amongst these, he claimed £10,000 over a four-year period when he £3,966 in actual council tax. The police concluded that he had overclaimed £20,000 in council tax and other domestic charges over three years.

Not only does this thief get a good parliamentary salary, but is also paid £10,000 a year by the caravan club. He said that 'he deeply regretted his actions' but the cynical amongst might think that he actually regretted getting caught.

Let's hope there's a another custodial sentence in the offing when he is sentenced next month, then you have him to burn, Old Nick!

Nominated by  : Dioclese

Monday, 10 January 2011

Colin Blanchard

Colin Blanchard was yesterday given at least nine years as the leader of a paedophile ring.

The other five members of his ring have recieved between four and seven years, but Blanchard was named as exercising a svengali like influence over the others - even though he never met three of them!

Blanchard admitted taking indecent photographs of children, distribution of an indecent image and sexual assault of a child under the age of 13. He had previously admitted 19 other sex abuse charges.

Mr Justice Royce told Blanchard: "Even though, once drawn in by you, they played a full part. If there is a predator in this, it is undoubtedly you. The sentence is an indeterminate sentence of prison for public protection. It is in effect a life sentence. There would be many who would say that is no more than you deserve."

So congratulations to a judge who talks some sense. Let the bugger rot in prison and then you can burn him, Nick.

Nominated by : Old Bailey

(You can read more on this story by clicking here.)

Friday, 7 January 2011

David Chaytor MP

If there is one worse than a thieving bastard, it's a thieving bastard who is being paid a bloody good salary out of my taxes and then, not satisifed with that, sets out to thieve off me as well!

Today David Chaytor decided to change his plea to guiltly to charges of frauduently claiming £20,000 in expenses.

Chaytor was paid £12,925 for rent on a flat near Westminster between 2005 and 2006 which he owned, using a fake tenancy agreement with a "Sarah Elizabeth Rastrick" - his daughter's first and middle names.

He also claimed £5,425 for renting a cottage in Summerseat, near Bury in Lancashire between September 2007 and January 2008. A police investigation discovered it was actually owned by his mother, Olive Trickett, who had moved into a nursing home in May 2007 because she had dementia.

The claim for IT support services, made in May 2006, came as "something of a surprise" to the man named in the invoice - Paul France - the court heard, because he had not billed the former MP for any work. Mr France was a Labour member who did voluntary work at Chaytor's office.

Chaytor's defence lawyer James Sturman QC, said the former MP pleaded guilty out of "deep and genuine remorse" and had already paid a "quite devastating price" for his errors. Or to put it another way, he hadn't got a leg to stand on and reckoned it would reduce his sentence!

"We submit that the sums he received, if he had gone about it transparently, honestly and frankly, he would have been entitled to every penny, if not more than he claimed," said Mr Sturman. Well if that is the case, then the system is even more rotten than we all thought, and Chaytor is just plain fucking thick!

He also argued that any prison sentence should be suspended and a community punishment imposed. Thankfully the judge had more sense and sentenced the bent bastard to 18 months inside!

That's far too light, Nick. I think you should burn the bastard!

Nominated by : Dioclese 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Owen McLauchlan

33-year-old Mandy Mathieson after she collapsed with a heart attack 800 yards from where this cunt was sitting in his depot in the Highland village of Tomintoul having a tea break.

Owen McLauchlan was angrily condemned by his own crewmate who only became aware of a situation when she heard an air ambulance overhead whilst at home. She phoned McLauchlan to ask what was happening, he told her: "Shirley, you're not going to like what I'm about to say. They shouted me on my break but I refused to go."

Sickened Shirley, said: "I was totally numb with disbelief. I just hung up. We may not have been able to make a difference to Mandy but we were only two minutes away."

An ambulance was dispatched from 15 miles away and an air ambulance was also despatched while this jobsworth bastard sat drinking his tea. And to make things worse, after being suspended the NHS has decided that he can keep his job!!

Just pray you don't live on his patch!

(For further details click here)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Thomas Hamilton

An avid gun collector and disgraced scoutmaster, Hamilton was known as "Mr. Creepy" by the boys in Dunblane, Scotland, a village 40 miles from Edinburgh.

In 1996, Hamilton walked to the Dunblane Primary School armed with four guns. He burst into the gymnasium where 29 children were attending class. He systematically slaughtered 16 kids and their teacher. Another teacher and a dozen other students were wounded during the rampage. The children, ages 5 and 6, were sitting in circles on the floor playing when Hamilton started firing. 13 children died instantly. Three more died later in the hospital.

Surrounded by bodies of the dead and dying, 43-year-old Hamilton turned the gun on himself and put a bullet through his brain.

For costing me my hobby of handgun shooting and prejudicing the reputations of one of the most closely monitored - although it seems not in this case Mr Plod please note - groups of people in the country. After Derrick Bird I suspect that shot gun owners will be purged next.

But more importantly, for the murder of innocent children, he should be forever unforgiven.

Nominated by : Mr Chips