Monday, 27 December 2010

Abu Rumaysah

Here's another one of those pieces of shit that gives decent muslims in this country a bad name.

Abu Rumaysah is a mate of our recently cremated friend Anjem Choudary who was part of the banned Islamic hate group, Islam4UK. He recently fronted a campaign called "Christmas is Evil" which you can read more about by clicking here.

He said that he was unconcerned about offending Christians because 'Christmas is a lie and as Muslims it is our duty to attack it. But our main attack is on the fruits of Christmas, things like alcohol abuse and promiscuity that increase during Christmas and all the other evils these lead to such as abortion, domestic violence and crime.'

I suspect he means crimes like inciting racial hatred, terrorism, stoning adulterers, honour burnings, denying women their basic rights, rape and the many aspects of shariah law which fundamentalist muslims seem to have a convenient way of overlooking.

'Pot - kettle - black' are words that come to mind.

Burn the fucker with his mate before he peddles any more of this crap!

Nominated by : Mr. Jihad

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Stephen Griffiths

Stephens Griffiths, a 40 year old perpetual student, made his name when first appeared in court by replying "The Crossbow Cannibal".

Griffiths pleaded guilty to murdering Suzanne Blamires, 36, by firing a crossbow bolt into her head when she tried to run away from him in May this year. His actions were caught on CCTV where he triumphantly presented to the crossbow to the camera, together with a one finger salute. He then reappeared after dragging the body into his flat with a can of beer to toast the camera!

He also admitted murdering Shelley Armitage, 31, and Susan Rushworth, 43, but police believe he might also be responsible for three unsolved murders after he indicated in an interview that he had killed six women in total.

He claimed he had cooked and eaten parts of his first two victims, boiling one in a pot, and ate the third one raw.

81 different pieces of Ms Blamires were found in or by the River Aire in Shipley. A broken knife and a crossbow bolt were embedded in her severed head.

Family members sobbed in court as the prosecutor revealed gruesome details of the murders.

The dozy bastard even recorded the murders on his mobile phone. Amazingly, he lost it and it was sold on twice before anyone noticed what was on it and reported him to the police!

In September, he tried to slit his own throat but botched the job. Too little, too late as far as I can see!

The gruesome details can be found here and here. Griffiths was deemed fit to plead and we await the sentence. We're not allowed to string evil bastards like this up any more, so we should just lock him up and throw away the key. Anyone who votes for anything other than a burning must be nuts. Definitely unforgiven!

Nominated by : William Tell
(Oooh! That name takes the apple! Old Nick)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim

Step forward Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, an Iraqi Turd..err..Kurd. In case you don't know who he is, in 2003 Ibrahim, whilst driving without a licence and insurance after being banned for driving without a licence or insurance, knocked down 12 year old Amy Houston and left her to die under the wheels of his car.

After a SEVEN year legal battle, TWO senior immigration judges rejected a final appeal by the UK Border Agency to have this piece of rat shit cunt deported back to Iraq. His lawyers claimed that to send to him back to Iraq would not only put him in danger, it would also breach HIS human right to a life and family life (since the murder he's had two children). This was despite Amy's father, Paul, writing an impassioned letter begging the court to deport Ibrahim. He wasn't allowed to address the court in person.

I should also point out that this motherfucking cunt called Ibrahim has a string of offences under his belt. These include driving offences, burglary, possession of drugs, theft and harassment.

So basically, these two judges (who in my opinion are cunts in silly wigs), have said a big FUCK YOU! to Mr Houston and his family and put the rights of a murdering Piece of festering shite foreign criminal, above those of an innocent 12 year old girl and her devastated family. And the British public is now in danger from a repeat offender, whose hobby is murdering young girls.

How the fuck can we call ourselves a civilised country, when the rights of a convicted foreign criminal cunt are put above the rights of a decent, hard working British family. It makes a mockery of justice. And what does Ibrahim have to say for himself?

'The incident when Amy died was an accident and should not stop me living in this country with my family'

He's also quoted as saying: 'I cannot go back to Iraq. Do you not watch the news? It's far too dangerous.'

You fucking what? You kill a 12 year old girl, and all you can fucking say is that it should not stop you from living in the UK? Not I'm truly sorry for what I've done? Not, Amy's face will haunt me forever. It's, she's dead, who cares? Life goes on. Well, mine does anyway. And it goes on in the UK, so fuck y'all.

Well, yes, it most definitely should stop you living in the UK. You've shown complete contempt for the UK and it's laws by continually breaking them. Worse still, you've shown nothing but contempt for Amy's family by thinking only of yourself, you worthless, cocksucking, ignorant cunt of a cunt's cunt. What about Amy's right to life and family life? Ibrahim stole both. Fuck you and fuck your family Ibrahim.

You're a cunt who deserves to spend the rest of your fucking life living in terror. Back in Iraq - Unforgiven.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw (h/t to Banned and isacunt...)
(An excellent diatribe that deserves an airing on this tome - Old Nick)

David Cameron

For the first time, Cameron has earned a richly deserved nomination for a place in the oven, not over student protests but over his broken promise to Paul Houston after his 12 year old daughter Amy was knocked down and left to die 'like a dog' by Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, a Kurdish asylum seeker from Iraq.

Whilst leader of the opposition, Cameron personally promissed Mr Houston that he would repeal the Human Rights Act that allows people like Ibrahim to stay in this country pretty much regardless of what they do.

Shame on you, Cameron! Unforgiven and unforgivable.

Nominated by : Dioclese
(Ibrahim is also up for a good burning - Old Nick)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Jody McIntyre

This scumbag is the poor, unfortunate wheelchair user who was treated so brutally by police in the recent London riots.

If you take a look at his blog you will see the front that this man puts up. By his own admission he was able to ditch his wheelchair and walk up 18 flights of stairs at Millbank (benefits office take note). He also seems to have been able to get around South America on his own for three months - so not that incapable then? If you want to see just how wheelchair bound this lying piece of crap is, then take a look at these photographs.

By his own admission he is a 'revolutionary' - for which read law breaking anarchist - with Palestinian sympathies. He is a deep 'believer' in the Palestinian cause - although he has never been there.

On his blog he actively encourages people to break the law. He should be prosecuted for incitement to violence. He claims massive support for his posts but note that he moderates out any comments that he does not agree with. He says that when he was born his parents were told that he would never walk or talk. Unfortunately the doctors were wrong on both counts.

Burn the fucker before he does any more damage.

Nominated by : Name withheld
(The nominator gave me his name but asked that it be withheld as he does not want to be targetted - Old Nick)

Yes - I'll nominate the twat for a bit of local warming
Nominated by : Sir Henry Morgan

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mark Weston

Mark Weston was was convicted this week of murdering Vicki Thompson on 12 th August 1995 while she was walking her dog in Ascott-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire. She caught him watching her and 'performing a sexual act'. He beat her repeatedly about the head with a heavy object or objects, causing skull fractures and severe brain injury. She died six days later.

What makes this case special is that Weston was tried for the murder at Oxford Crown Court in 1996 and acquitted. Changes to the double jeapourdy laws allowing retrails where there is fresh evidence enabled Weston to be retried. New DNA evidence was brought to light after re-examining the black boots taken from Weston at the time of the original trial. Minute traces of blood were found that were missed the first time round.

So you thought you had got away with it, did you? Well Old Nick would have got you in the end, but Reading Crown Court has got there first. Plenty of time to warm up the oven while he rots in prison.

Nominated by : Old Bailey

Monday, 13 December 2010

Franny Armstrong

This is the smiling face of eco-terrorism.

Always having the eye for an opportunity for self-promotion and money making, in the early days of the internet in 1996 former pop group drummer Armstrong founded the McSpotlight website, which  Wired magazine described as "the blueprint for all activist websites". Bollocks!

Armstrong pioneered the “crowd-funding” finance model, which allows filmmakers to raise reasonable-size budgets whilst retaining ownership of their films - a pretentious piece of shit film called Age of Stupid is the most successful known example, raising £900,000+ from 300+ investors - as well as the “Indie Screenings” distribution system, which lets anyone make a profit by holding screenings of independent. This is otherwise known as extracting loads of money from gullible people to finance your ego. 

Predictably, she used "The Age of Stupid" - in which ' A future archivist looks at old footage from the year 2015 to understand why humankind failed to address climate change' - to peddle her own particular brand of eco-shit.

She then decided to go on and 'do a Bono' by founding the 10:10 organization to persuade the world that anyone who does not agree with her vision of eco-warriorship must be a complete idiot.

Sadly, she seems to have made her point rather well my getting lots of organizations and celebs to jump on the eco-bandwagon with her before equally swiftly persuading them to desert in droves by producing a video in which children are blown up if they refuse to do her will.

Now it seems that she has sucessfully campaigned to get the clocks of Britain changed for ever. What next, we wonder? Fulfilling her promotional material for real? Hmmmmm.....

In my view, this woman is a dangerous ego-maniac and a fundamentalist, in her own way, every bit as bad as likes of bin Laden. We need to get her down to the pit now, before it's too late!

Nominated by : Greenpeace
( not really, surely? - Old Nick )

Friday, 10 December 2010

Herman von Rompuy

I nominate Herman von Rompuy, the puppet leader of the Fourth Reich under the yoke of Herr Chancellor Angela Murkel, who in my opinion should also burn in hell (pehaps we can do her as well?)

Admittedly Herr von Rumpy-pumpy is a Belgium, but let's remember that these days under the yoke of the Reich, Belgium is really a German satellite state without a proper government. As the puppet leader, no-one ever elected him, we can't get rid of him, and he does exactly what the Krauts tell him. If we assassinated him, it would make no difference. They would simply parachute in another puppet. Effectively, this is the EU under a Vichy style government.

Let's burn the puppet and all the people who pull his strings.

Nominated by : British Bulldog

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Marc Chivers

Marc Chivers strangled his girlfriend with a rope in Germany in 1992. He was jailed for 'life' but released after 15 years.

Within a year he had arrived back in the UK and murdered another woman, Maria Stubbings. This time he used a dog lead. He had briefly been out with Maria, and had attacked her in July 2008. For that offence he was jailed for 'four months', but he served hardly any of it as he'd been on remand. Now he's been jailed for 'life' again, only this time he's been told he'll never be let out.

The IPCC enquiry into the case delivered it's verdict yesterday and found lots of faults on the Police side, but that's not our concern here - we just want this evil bastard to get what's coming to him! Unforgiven.

Nominated by : Old Bailey
(Hat tip to The Policeman's Blog)

You can read the full story in the online Daily Mail by clicking here

Monday, 6 December 2010

Darren Newton

This evil bastard was ordered to serve a minimum 24 years before parole for murdering 15 months old Charlie Hunt, the son of his partner Laura Chapman.

The 32-year-old took pleasure in slapping and hitting Charlie whenever left alone with the child, filming the attacks on his mobile phone and keeping the clips for his own enjoyment.

Jurors and court staff in Manchester were left visibly shocked as Charlie's screams and cries rang out when the clips were played of Newton abusing the sobbing child. The clips were "Crying, no toys in pen, ahhhh", "Squeezing toe in cot", "Two minutes of pain" and "Shivering no water". In one graphic clip titled "Happy Slap", filmed two weeks before Charlie died, Newton is seen to slap the child 13 times on the head as he screams and cries. Charlie's parents have branded Newton "evil" and a "monster".

The judge ordered the video clips be preserved so the parole board could watch them before he was eventually considered for release. Good on you, Judge, but we say forget parole - drag the bastard down to the pit for a good burning

Nominated by : Dioclese

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Santa Claus

Never mind good, old cuddly Santa - this is a creature of pure evil. Every year he appears to run you deep into debt by spending money you don't have, on things no-one wants to give to people you don't like!

And he brings out all the worst in people - greed, jealousy, avarice - they're all there in spades. Your children hate you if you but the wrong presents, or non-designer trainers, or the wrong new gadget to impress their friends. Your spouse hates you because you don't think enough of them to spend more on their presents.

And this sneeky little bastard breaks into your home on Christmas Eve to eat your food, raid your drinks cupboard and creep into your kids' bedrooms before stealing into your wife's bed! 

And he likes to sit little kiddies on his knee - the dirty bastard - while he tells them lies! Time he was disposed of for good. Burn the bugger with a rousing cry of "bah! humbug!"

Nominated by : Scrouge