Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ian Huntley

This cheeky fucker has got the nerve to sue the prison service for not saving him from being attached by a fellow prisoner who apparently took exception to the fact that he murdered two innocent schoolgirls in Soham. He's after £100,000 for Christ's sake - that's more that 20 times what the poor families got in compensation.
I say no special treatment. Let the lags deal with him, the cunt.
Forgiven, my arse.

Nominated by : Anonymous

Just Let Some "Ordinary Decent Criminal" Kill Him.
Cheaper for the taxpayer. And it makes sure some fucking do-gooding parole board doesn't let him out.
You know it makes sense!

Nominated by : The Ranting Penguin

I honestly think that the prisoner who failed to kill him should have at least twenty years added to his sentence

Nominated by : Ampers

Friday, 30 July 2010

Thomas Robb

There have been a lot of nominations on here recently of Islamic fundamentalists, so in the interests of equality, I thought it necessary to include a Christian fundamentalist.

Pastor Thomas Robb is the national director of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan and a pastor at the Christian Revival Center. He is about as right wing as they come. In the US elections he dumped support for McCain when he selected a woman as running mate. He was supporting him because he couldn't stomach a black president.

Take a look at his blog if you want to see why this bastard should never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Old Nick

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Trevor Brooks

God protect us from Religious nutters like this cunt! Trevor Brooks aka Abu Izzadeen is a spokesman for Al Ghurabaa, a Muslim organization banned under the Terrorism Act 2006 for the glorification of terrorism. He served 4 years for terrorist fund-raising and inciting terrorism.

For attending terrorist camps in Pakistan (Cameron please take note), for describing the 7/7 suicide bombers in London as "completely praiseworthy", for preaching to a group of Muslims in Birmingham mocking and laughing at the victims of 9/11, for threatening further terror attacks in the UK.

In a BBC interview he stated that his aim was to bring about Sharia law in the UK and that this should be achieved without following the democratic process but rather "in accordance to the Islamic methodology".

He has openly stated that he wishes to die as a suicide bomber. We say he should be dragged down to the pit and never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Dioclese with hat tip to Sir Henry Morgan

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Abu Hamza

While we are on a roll with Islamic fundamentalists, how about 'Captain Hook' - Abu Hamza.

He admits saying "Killing of the kafir (non-believer) for any reason you can say it is OK, even if there is no reason for it." and another classic quote : "You must have a stand with your heart, with your tongue, with your money, with your hand, with your sword, with your Kalashnikov. Don't ask shall I do this, just do it."

This cunt is on remand at Belmarsh pending US extradition procedings, currently being delayed under bloudy EC Human Rights laws.

What about the rights of his victims : Found guilty of six charges of soliciting to murder under the Offences against the Person Act 1861; three charges related to "using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with the intention of stirring up racial hatred" under the Public Order Act 1986; one charge of owning recordings related to "stirring up racial hatred"; one charge of possessing "terrorist encyclopaedia" under the Terrorism Act 2000, s58.

Throw the key away - definitely unforgiven!

Nominated by : Dioclese

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Anjem Choudary

For inciting racial and religious hatred. For desecrating the memory of those who died in London on 7th July. For spreading the doctrine that non muslims are less than human and fair targets and for generally being an evil little cunt milking the democracy of this country for his own glorification and self importance. For all these things and more this bastard should burn in hell and never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Lotsa people!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Comrade Duch

Yeah right! Real fucking sorry!
Duch - by his own admission - supervised the systematic torture and execution of thousands of prisoners at the S-21 prison in Phnom Penh. He admits "I am solely and individually responsible for the loss of at least 12,380 lives." This bastard's trial is about to end in Cambodia where the maximum sentence he can get for crimes against humanity is life imprisonment.
This fucker should never be forgiven!

Nominated by : Anonymous

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Peter Tobin

For raping and assaulting two 14 year old girls at knifepoint; for beating, raping and stabbing to death Angelika Kluk; for the murders of Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol; for several other murders as yet unproven and for leading the police a merry chase in the search for his victims' remains, Peter Tobin should rot in prison and remain forever unforgiven.

Nominated by : Dioclese

Friday, 23 July 2010

PC Simon Harwood

For the alledged (I have to say this!) unprovoked assault and subsequent death of Ian Tomlinson at the London G20 summit, for his alledged record of thuggery with the Surrey and Metropolitan Police forces, and for getting away with murder (alledgedly), PC Simon Harwood is a disgrace and should be unforgiven

Nominated by : Old Nick
(who thinks the Tomlinson family deserves justice, even if they cannot get it on this Earth)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin spreads racial hatred like a virus. He should be dragged out of a Buck House garden party, taken down below to the pit and never forgiven.

Nominated by : Moses Smith

The 7/7 London bombers

Mohammad Sidique Khan for bombing Edgware Road Tube
Shehzad Tanweer for bombing Aldgate Tube
Germaine Lindsay for bombing Russell Square
Hasib Hussain for bombing Tavistock Square
For killing 52 people and injuring over 700, these men will never be forgiven

Nominated by : Dark Angel

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Abdelbaset Al Megrahi

Megrahi was convicted of 270 counts of murder for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on 21 December 1988 and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
In one of the greatest con tricks of all time, he was freed on compassionate grounds by the Scottish government on 20 August 2009 following doctors reports that he had terminal prostate cancer and had less than three months to live. He made a miraculous recovery after flying home to Libya.
You need to burn this monster, Old Nick - absolutely unforgiven.

Nominated by : Dioclese

Monday, 19 July 2010

Leon E. Panetta

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, heads the organization that created Al Qaeda. It is a myth that is meant to terrorise. It works.
I suggest that the CIA and every other motherfucker that says Al Qaeda are real need to burn in hell and should never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Captain Ranty

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden is one of the most evil cunts who ever walked this planet and is responsible for countless indiscriminate terrorist attacks on innocent people for which he deserves to burn and for which he should never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Anonymous
(Very wise - who needs a fatwa? Old Nick)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Peter Sutcliffe

In 1981, the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter William Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and attacking several others. He is currently serving life imprisonment in Broadmoor Hospital. After conviction, Sutcliffe began using his mother's maiden surname and became known as Peter William Coonan - but you can't hide under another name.
For once common sense has prevailed and a review of his case has just confirmed that this truly evil bastard is to remain unforgiven.

Nominated by : Dioclese

Friday, 16 July 2010

Tony Blair

The infernal two faced lying backstabbing turncoat Tony Blair is top of my list for the flaming pit. He had the temerity to quote 'God' at us and then turn to the catholic church for forgiveness (when he could find none elsewhere for his sins). I nominate the bastard, if no one else will, for the crimes of genocide, illegal war, profitting from war, murder (of our troops), and generally being a lying self serving Cunt! He does not deserve to be forgiven.

Nominated by : Indyanhat

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Edward Heath

We should do a real number on him. We should dig him up and kill him again ... just to make sure he is unforgiven.

Nominated by : Sir Henry Morgan

Ted Heath did more damage to this country than Hitler when he treasonously lied to the British people to take us into the Common Market. He should be dug up, quartered and his body scattered to four corners of the kingdom as a warning to traitors everywhere. He should never be forgiven.

Nominated by : Dioclese

The Pope

For the Crusades; for the Spanish Inquisition; for all the people murdered in the name of Christianity; for allowing ongoing child molestation by Catholic priests; for the hypocrisy of standing on the balcony of his personal palace in his personal city state, dripping in gold and lecturing us on worldliness; for flagrant prejudice against women and homosexuals - but most of all for the arrogance of being officially infallible and claiming to represent the almighty on earth. Definitely unforgiven. 

Nominated by : Anonymous
(and who can blame him? Old Nick)

Gordon Brown

This evil snot-gobbler doesn't deserve forgiveness for leaving this country in the state it's in now. He has royally fucked the economy and for that, I consider he should be unforgiven.

Nominated by : The Grim Reaper

Jon Venables

For the torture and murder of innocent Jamie Bulger and
because he blew his second chance, Jon Venables is unforgiven

Nominated by : Anonymous

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Raoul Moat

For murder and for shooting an unarmed copper in the face at random,
I think Raoul Moat should be unforgiven.

Nominated by : Dioclese